What professionals say

Rachel Lewis, Rheumatology Superintendent of Physiotherapists
Southmead Hospital, N. Bristol. March 2002:

“Since our first Basic Watsu Training in January 2001, our ankylosing spondilitis A/S patients speak of little else. They get great benefit from the deep relaxation, and comment that they sleep extremely well, which is very important in clinical conditions. Our metrology shows tremendous improvement in their range of motion and posture. We have also used Watsu with patients who are in chronic pain. Our staff are requesting Watsu for stress relief.”

Jacqueline Pattman, introduced Basic Watsu Training in January 2002 to
The Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, Sussex:

“I first experienced Watsu on a Hydrotherapy HACP [Hydrotherapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists] study day when I was quick enough to change to be a model for Hilary’s demonstration. Even with a crowd of people watching I completely relaxed, felt entirely safe and extremely free.

Further to this I attended a W/E introductory Watsu Course, which highlighted the precision and skill required in this unique water work. I started to practice Watsu on my colleagues. They noticed immediate physical and mental benefits.

In my clinical practice, as a Hydrotherapist, I have practiced Watsu on a variety of patients with excellent effects. The types of conditions that have benefited are:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Manic Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Paranoid Schitzophrenia
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pregnancy Induced Pain

It has also proved very popular with the STAFF within the department for STRESS RELIEF and other stress related complaints.

In my experience, Watsu can complement traditional techniques and is an extremely useful tool in today’s stressful living.”

Do Heath, Physiotherapist, Teddington, Middlesex, June 2009.

“Firstly I have to say I have had a lot of success with the ‘bits’ of Watsu I do. I have had a few patients recovering or terminally ill with cancer and very debilitated and were desperate to get in the water. I obviously cannot do much in the way of physio type treatments. They have just adored even the little bit of Watsu I have been able to give them……. then they go back to the clinic and I am inundated with referrals.!! Also with my neuro patients- varying from tetraplegic, MS , Parkinsons, strokes – the hip and knee extension stretches (on the side) are particularly good– and they say it is such a good feeling. It is difficult to get any largish (!) patient in a comfortable position to get both hip and knee stretched backwards on land. The concertina and straighten out is also great…. even though many or these people are sitting in wheelchairs the full flexion into extention is lovely, then of course the ‘sea weeding’ which we do anyway but it is better to do it without any neck floats.

If I get a chance I always try and sneak a bit more of the sequence in and the relaxation is fantastic for all of the neuro patients. As I am sure you appreciate, many of them live very stressful lives continually battling with everyday activities and for ‘equality’ in all their dealings with bureaucracy.

The water is a beautiful place for them to be and as I too am in a costume the whole experience is a great leveller.”